Monday, January 7, 2008

hana - asa-chang & junray
i see you - fursaxa
03 dream house, 1973 - la monte young
le layrinthe - colleen
torso corso - lizzy mercier descloux
corner flag - kazumi nikaidoh
volet - soy un caballo
fragment VIII - library tapes
hey, who really cares? - linda perhacs
this was for a friend and i sort of debated posting it. he wanted to know what i listened to and i thought this gave him a vaguely nice, extremely rough, sketch. anyway, i like it so if you want it enjoy.

jolly jolly ego - dirty projectors
hello new friend - lucky dragons
little raccoon - belly boat
empty bottles - magik markers
wife/eel dances - little claw
A3 honey stinker - teenage waistband
night drive - chromatics
teenage lust! - times new viking
gods money VI - gang gang dance
untitled - barr
my house - mf grimm
cherchez le dragon - lucky dragons
little grey cat - grouper
le pollen - gangpol und mit
clam, crab, cockel, cowrie - joanna newsom
cherylee - gowns
hoarse lords - clipd beaks
police story - dirty projectors
saltwater - beach house

old and new - horse head
virginal lamb - pocahaunted
nana - josephine foster
i can't sleep at night - gary higgins
its alright (wonderful) - gang wizard
gentle rolling - VxPxC
hoarse loads - clipd beaks
wake up! he's here - the focus group
stay wild child - inca ore
repulsion - mammal
garden - chromatics
track 7 - lamborghini crystal
raccoon - polar goldie cats
untitled - a. lixivia
lon lon ranch - alopex lagopus
o apice - vzyadoq moe
my first mix, its sort of old, but people seemed to like and kept telling me to make a blog to post them all.

official mixxy mix

heartbreaker : lucky dragons
dream III : leafcutter john
hannah - loves the simple sad beauty of a pasty cline tune : alejandra & aeron
cherylee : gowns
sorry too : sweet potatoes
i could just lie here : mary pearson
£æ£ï£ò¡¡£å£î£ä¡¡£ò£ï£ì£ì¡¡£ô£å£á : milky-chu
it chars our lips yet still we drink 2 : sarin smoke
i've got mine : avey tare and kria brekken
herpes simplex : rosa yemen
context ender : BARR