Monday, January 7, 2008

this was for a friend and i sort of debated posting it. he wanted to know what i listened to and i thought this gave him a vaguely nice, extremely rough, sketch. anyway, i like it so if you want it enjoy.

jolly jolly ego - dirty projectors
hello new friend - lucky dragons
little raccoon - belly boat
empty bottles - magik markers
wife/eel dances - little claw
A3 honey stinker - teenage waistband
night drive - chromatics
teenage lust! - times new viking
gods money VI - gang gang dance
untitled - barr
my house - mf grimm
cherchez le dragon - lucky dragons
little grey cat - grouper
le pollen - gangpol und mit
clam, crab, cockel, cowrie - joanna newsom
cherylee - gowns
hoarse lords - clipd beaks
police story - dirty projectors
saltwater - beach house

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